In cooperation with NordVPN we developed an organic strategy to enter the German market. This ongoing campaign rolled out in Juli 2022 with the first 5 creators and is expected to go into the second stage beginning august 2022.


This conversion-driven campaign, in cooperation with ultradesk aimed to position ultradesk on the platform, drive awareness and ultimately drive sales. Working closely with five creators, we generated six content pieces and almost 4 million views, driving significant website traffic. Together we have created strong brand awareness, and we are currently planning the next roll-out soon.


Under the concept “experience handball” we have accompanied the Influencer Activation around the EHF/M final 4 2022 in Cologne. Sponsored by DAZN Group we generated incredible feedback in the sports and handball community on TikTok and Instagram, combining in-person appearances with Social Media assets we have generated 1.800.000 views and long lasting impact on the popularity of handball.